Fortune Teller

This is an assemblage sculpture I've been working on for a while, on and off. I can't remember where I found this piece of metal. I didn't know what it was or had been. My son-in-law guessed it might have been part of the wheel base for a truck. I loved that the middle section turned and wanted to incorporate that element. I cut down a paint brush, painted it and glued it in one of the holes on the part that turns. The doorknob replaced other possibilities for the top. Then I painted it and repainted it and repainted it and had different word choices that the brush could land on. Yes, No, Maybe and Your Heart's Desire (which leaves a lot to interpretation) became the final picks. I couldn't settle on a name and it so called for a name. Our friend Orna was visiting from Israel, asking it questions and spinning the brush. I said "What would you call this piece?" Without any hesitation she said "Fortune Teller," and I thought "Of course."

Fortune Teller - small.jpg