Honorable Mention, Small Works February show, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum                                                 2015

Honorable Mention, Small Works November show, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum                                              2014

Arts Society of Kingston, Premiere Regional Juried Show, Runner Up Award                                                                                    2012

Sally Jacobs/Phoebe Towbin Artist of the Year Award, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum                                        2011

Juror’s Choice Award, Main Gallery, March Show, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum                                               2011

Honorable Mention, Small Works, June show Woodstock Artists Assoc.& Museum, Woodstock, NY                                       2010

Kuniyoshi Award Recipient, annual award of the Kuniyoshi Fund committee, Woodstock, NY                                                  2008

First Prize, Inside/Outside the Box, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum                                                                           2008

Mary Wilson Award for Outstanding Landscape of the year, Woodstock Artists Association                                                      2007

People’s Choice Award, Active Members show, Woodstock Artists Association                                                                              2007

Honorable Mention, Gatherings, Woodstock Artists Association                                                                                                         2002

Honorable Mention, Seeing Red, Woodstock Artists Association                                                                                                         2002

Honorable Mention, Expressions of Joy, Woodstock Artists Association                                                                                           2002

Honorable Mention, Black & White Show, Woodstock Artists Association                                                                                       2001

Best of Show Alan Koff Award Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY                                                                              1998

Finalist for Gottlieb Foundation Individual Artist Grant                                                                                                                         1993

Silvermine Painting Award "Artists of the Northeast," Silvermine, CT                                                                                            1985

Eleanor Edwards Award, (best of show) Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY                                                           1983

Best of Show Award, Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY                                                                                               1974


Art for the Pole with Linda Montano, Performance artist & Imogene Holloway Gallery, Saugerties, NY                              2014

Dowsing for Scissors, Cut-Out show, Steven Crohn Gallery, Saugerties, NY                                                                                  2013

Animals, Myth and Magic, Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill, NY                                                                                 2013

The Bakery, New Paltz, NY                                                                                                                                                                              2012

Oriole 9, Woodstock, NY                                                                                                                                                                                 2012

Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, “Raised by Wolves and other Interspecies Connections”                                2012

Grist Mill Gallery, Saugerties, NY “Magic of the Catskills”                                                                                                                2009

Palenville Library, Palenville, NY, “Animals”                                                                                                                                         2009

Grist Mill Gallery, Saugerties, NY, “Bestiary”                                                                                                                                         2008

Gallery at Work, Kingston, NY, “The Sweetness of Flight (creatures who fly)”                                                                          2003

Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY, "Melding the Miraculous”,                                                                              1996

Company Hill Gallery, Kingston, NY, “Endangered Spirits”                                                                                                              1992

Indigo Gallery, Cambridge, MA, “Natural Forces”                                                                                                                                 1990

Brinkerhoff Gallery, Cambridge, MA “City Dog and Other Angels”                                                                                                1987

Gallery Rondout, Kingston, NY                                                                                                                                                                    1981

Work of Art Gallery, Saugerties, NY                                                                                                                                                           1979

INVITATIONALS (selected)                    

Grist Mill Gallery, Saugerties, NY, “Foxes,” two person show                                                                                                         2015

Store Front Gallery , Kingston, NY,  "The Hummingbird”                                                                                                                 2014

Art along the Hudson, one of 8 artists representing the Saugerties Arts Community at SPAF                                              2014

Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art, Kingston, NY, "Cold Comfort, Monstrous Icons of Winter”                               2013

Store Front Gallery , Kingston, NY,  "The Fox”                                                                                                                                       2013

Greene County Council for the Arts Gallery, Catskill, NY,"Paper Arts”                                                                                         2011

Solera, NYC, "Wildlife", VanBrunt Projects                                                                                                                                             2011

11 Pick 2, (one of 11 artists chosen for 90th anniversary show at Woodstock Artists Assoc.)                                                  2009

Varga Gallery, Woodstock,NY “Mike Heinrich and Friends”                                                                                                             2008

Taleo Arts Center, Woodstock, NY, “Return of the Poets Gallery Artists & Poets”                                                                    2008

Back Stage Productions Gallery, Kingston NY, “Linear Forms”                                                                                                       2007

Inquiring Mind Art Gallery, Saugerties, NY “Time, Place & Response                                                                                           2006

Inquiring Mind Art Gallery, Saugerties, NY "5 Points of View”                                                                                                        2005

Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY Ulster “The Narrative Impulse”                                                                                   2005

Cross Street Gallery, Saugerties, NY, "Birth of the Image"                                                                                                               2003

Catskill Mountain Foundation, Hunter, NY, "Mythic Creatures "                                                                                                   2003

Cross Street Gallery, Saugerties, NY, "Image and Soul"                                                                                                                     2002

Kleinert/James Art Center, Woodstock, NY, "Artists Choose Artists"                                                                                           2002

Samuel Dorsky Museum, SUNY New PaItz, NY, "Artists of the Hudson Valley"                                                                        2002

Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, "Echoes of Avalon" group show                                                                                         1998

SUNY at New Paltz, NY, "Pluralities (Women, Bodies, Sexualities)"                                                                                              1997

Woodstock Artists Space, Woodstock, NY, "Premiere Opening"                                                                                                     1997

Bread Alone Gallery, Woodstock, NY "Calligraphic Connections"                                                                                                  1997

Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, NY, "The Nude Form"                                                                                                                           1996

Primrose Gallery, Rhinebeck, NY, "The Messengers"                                                                                                                         1994

Petrucci Gallery, Saugerties, NY, "The Poets Gallery Traveling Show and Anthology"                                                            1993

Woodstock, NY, Town Hall, "The Poets Gallery Traveling Show"                                                                                                    1993

Primrose Gallery, Rhinebeck, NY, "The Poets Gallery Traveling Show"                                                                                        1993

Ulster County Community College, New Paintings of the Poets Gallery                                                                                        1993

Modestino Gallery, Cambridge, MA, "New Work"                                                                                                                                 1990

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, "Recycled Art"                                                                                                                              1998

Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY, "Women Choose Women"                                                                               1986

Gallery Rondout, Kingston, NY, "Works in Progress"                                                                                                                          1984

Riveredge Gallery, Kingston, NY                                                                                                                                                                  1984

Gallery Rondout, Kingston, NY, "The Nude"                                                                                                                                           1984

Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY, "Award Winners Show"                                                                                    1984

State Legislature, Albany, NY, "Ulster County Arts '84"                                                                                                                     1984

Sojourners Coffee House, Kingston, NY, Multi-media Collaboration                                                                                              1984

Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY, "Jurors Choice"                                                                                                    1981

Kingston Artists Group, Kingston, NY, "July 4th Show"                                                                                                                      1981

Biltmore Hotel, New York City                                                                                                                                                                      1980

Kingston Trust Company, Kingston, NY                                                                                                                                                    1980

Woodstock Women's Center, Woodstock, NY                                                                                                                                         1974

Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY, "Award Winners Show"                                                                                    1975


Studied painting, printmaking, sculpture and art history at Bennington College, University of Hawaii, The Art Students League, The Women's Studio, & Massachusetts College of Art


Art Juror for Deming Foundation Money for Women awards, New York City, NY                                                               2013, 2014, 2015

Board of Directors, Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY                                                                                       1996-1999

Steering Committee, Boston Womens Caucus for Art, Boston, MA                                                                                         1986-1987

Board of Directors, Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY                                                                                       1984-1985

Board of Directors, Kingston Artists Group, Kingston, NY                                                                                                          1978-1980


Saugerties Times                   Setting Spirit Free, cut-outs by Elin Menzies, story by Sharyn Flanagan                                   2013

Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Arts Brochure (painting on cover)                                                                                 2008

Inside Out magazine             Elevation of Spirit: The Art of Elin Menzies, story & photos by Pat Horner                              Nov./Dec. 2005

Catskill Mountain Guide      Artist Elin Menzies, story & photos by Renee Samuels                                                               Nov. 2004

Voices of Selene, Poets Gallery Anthology (Painting on Cover)                                                                                                Number 4 Winter 1996