The context for my current work is rooted in the seemingly disparate areas of ancient mythology and scientific research on interspecies and intra species communication that has gained momentum in recent years. Although most research is done with primates, there is evidence of humans communicating with many other animals including wolves, foxes, crows and whales.

Our new understanding of animals allows connections with them that bring a restorative balance to the human psyche.

I’ve long been drawn to myths that explore relationships between humans and animals. In these tales people communicate with animals, accept guidance and even designate them as gods. Mythology and scientific research both state that clear communication exists between animals and humans and also between animals of the same and different species.

My paintings on interspecies communication comprise my own personal contemporary myths. Viewers enter a world where diverse creatures are connected. The oldest art in the world contains animal figures. Cave paintings in Spain and France, Native American pictographs and Egyptian hieroglyphics depict animals as part of everyday life and as sacred symbols. Myths and legends inspired by animals became part of a spiritual framework.  They helped our ancestors grapple with those eternal questions that have relevance today “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”